Toronto's first shave ice truck

Serving up a fresh new treat that's bound to blow your mind!

We're bringing our favourite Hawaiian treat to Toronto! Sweet Snow Shave Ice is made with the yummiest ingredients & all-natural sweeteners like pure cane sugar and agave, so our shave ice is free of nasty additives and unnatural ingredients.


Each cup is stacked high with white, fluffy, Sweet Snow and topped with delicious homemade fruit flavours. The idea is simple - we strive to give all our customers the very best Shave Ice experience possible and leave them craving more.


How It's Made

The Perfect Recipe

Want to know just how we make Sweet Snow Shave Ice so delectably snowy and sweet? Well then read on my friend!

We start with a large block of ice that is spun across a razor-sharp blade in our awesome and authentic ice machine. Since the ice is ‘shaved’ and ‘not ground’ the result is fine, fluffy soft snow that is ultra light and airy.

The snow is then carefully packed into our biodegradable cups to preserve the delicate texture. The snow is the perfect consistency for our flavours, absorbing every drop so none of that yummy liquid sinks to the bottom of the cup like with crushed ice.

All of our flavours are made with the highest quality ingredients and are free from nasty additives like high fructose corn syrup. We use organic cane sugar to sweeten our flavours, or pure agave nectar for our sugar-free options. Choose from 25 flavours including traditional fruit flavours you know and love, fun flavour combinations or our satisfying sugar-free selections.

Take your shave ice to the next level by piling it high on top of vanilla ice cream or sweet and chewy adzuki beans, top it with condensed milk for a rich, creamy taste or go the distance with all of the above and order it packed.


Who We Are

In The Driver's Seat

Hawaii is one of our favourite hot spots and no trip to the islands would be complete without a shave ice in hand. It was definitely love at first bite for us, and every summer when Toronto’s temperatures start to rise we instantly crave that soft, refreshing taste & texture that no snow cone can live up to.

It was on one of those hot and humid summer days in the city that it hit us: we need to bring shave ice here! But how? Storefront – too costly, vendor cart – not big enough, and then it was like the answer rolled right up in front of us and blasted its horn – Toronto's first shave ice truck!


It made perfect sense. The food truck culture in the city is super hot and it is definitely time for the people of Toronto to experience a fresh and fruity spin on a Hawaiian classic. Sweet Snow introduces all natural home-made flavours made from fresh and, whenever possible, local ingredients.

To us, Sweet Snow is all about community and that means giving back however we can. Whether through supporting local vendors by buying locally, or using bamboo spoons and biodegradable cups to serve up our sweet selections, it’s all an important part of what we do.

We hope you’ll love Sweet Snow Shave Ice as much as we do, and if that means chasing us down the street after our truck leaves the curb then we couldn’t be more delighted!



Book Us For Your Event

Lovers of shave ice - we'll come to you! We love a celebration & we can’t think of a better way to leave a lasting impression on your guests than with Sweet Snow Shave Ice at your next event.

No room for the whole truck at your event? No problem! We're mobile, and so is our machine! We can provide a staff person and shave ice station for any size gathering.

We cater for weddings, birthdays, festivals, and all other private or corporate events. If there is an event you would love us to attend, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure your date. Please Contact Us so we can save a spot for you, and we'll be in touch to go over the details. Events must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.


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